Solar Panels History

Since modern solar systems today typically 25 years in operation, they are subject during this very long period of time often extreme weather conditions. Over the years they are in fact using them continuously enforce precipitation as snow, rain and hail and gusty winds naturally exposed. In addition, there also have temperature fluctuations and corrosion damage, which solar systems have withstand equally well.
So this huge weather-related influences a solar system and remain fully functional, must be above all the mounting system and the substructure attached absolutely correct. Finally, these two components in a solar system resulting loads dissipated very quickly. Therefore be used for any solar energy system must be made a thorough assessment to be static and it may only components that guarantee a high long-term stress.
Therefore, if the planning and installation of solar systems is always done perfectly correctly – it is also often the circulating rumor “solar systems are a time bomb on the roof” will disappear forever.
Upon the formation of solar systems must therefore observe the construction standards are met, are in wood, steel and metal products required for this and also structural standards that exist for weather-related wind and snow loads on structures. Since both standards are in turn (1991 European standard) in the EN 1991, in which all load dimensioning have been standardized within the European Union, the two standards to the local particularities of Europe absolute norm.
Beyond these two major standards also ensure that the weather and climate-related withstanding structures need when setting up a solar system, important policies of the roofing trade and the construction and component manufacturers will be considered.
Assembly errors in solar installations cause a fire hazard. Especially when in the assembly of solar modules and solar systems but the DC power cables or the connectors are not installed correctly, insulation resistance error can occur. This in turn may be caused by such arcing fires! Therefore it is absolutely necessary for solar installations, both the wiring and the cable attachment to the underside of the module design is carried out professionally.
However, this certainly arises from a solar system is no worst-case scenario in the form of a fire and the solar system and about all the many years of operation easily survive any extreme weather conditions, advises the solar center Bayern necessarily lead to a professional planning and installation! For then a solar system on the roof will definitely be a dangerous time bomb, but what they should be – a profitable investment!

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